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Thrive Retirement Planning

We're On a Mission to Transform the Way Families Retire

Welcome! I’m Carl Woolston, the founder of Thrive Retirement Planning. Our mission is to help your design a retirement and life you love.

Financial planning is often narrowly focused on the growth of your investments. As you approach retirement however, you’ll most likely need comprehensive advice that includes Social Security, replacing your income, not running out of money, reducing retirement taxes, protecting your hard-earned money from market downturns, and growing your investments.

At Thrive Retirement Planning, we address the key financial pieces of a retirement plan, while also helping clients focus on what matters most: family, relationships, giving back, and fulfillment.

My Roots

Where it All Started: War-Torn Germany in 1947

My mother was born on a quiet and frozen day in war-torn Germany in 1947. The cold inside walls of her bleak apartment where she was given life were covered with frost because of a bombed-out wall. Her first year of life she was kept alive on ground-up pigeon food made into tasteless mush because her malnourished mother had no milk. 

My mom and grandmother courageously pursued the American dream of freedom by immigrating to the United States and settling in Salt Lake City, Utah. There was rarely a meal when my grandmother wouldn’t passionately say how grateful she was for all they had. This heritage has had a defining effect on my philosophies around protecting money, freedom, and what really matters most.

A Defining Moment - The Struggle to Retire

Over twenty years ago, as my parents approached retirement, I saw them struggle with when to take Social Security and how to get the highest benefit possible. They wrestled with how and when they would retire, and how to finance a church mission. I saw them worry about how to protect their nest egg from down markets and what to do with their real estate. Watching them struggle with preparing and then transitioning into retirement led me to the financial services industry and a passion for working with families grappling with these same decisions.

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in this industry. For years, I had the unique perspective of supporting and working closely with financial professionals. I then decided I could have a greater impact if I worked with clients one-on-one. I am a fiduciary who is committed to acting in the best interest of my clients. I received my Chartered Financial Consultant® designation through the American College of Financial Services, which on average exceeds over 400 hours of study. I have my series 65, am a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) certificate holder*, and am insurance licensed.

I Watched My Parents Struggle With These Questions

When should they take Social Security and how to maximize it?
Social Security
How and when could they retire?
How could they protect their nest egg in down markets?
Protecting Safe Money
How could they finance a church mission?
Giving Back
How could they avoid probate? Should they have a trust?
Estate Planning
How could they reduce their retirement taxes?
Taxes During Retirement
i became passionately convinced in

Holistic Fiduciary Planning

Over the years, I became passionately convinced that the greatest result occurs when clients gain an understanding of all their possible financial options through holistic and comprehensive fiduciary planning (a fiduciary advisor is legally obligated to do what is best for a client, not for themselves). When families approach retirement and make optimal Social Security, income planning, investment, and tax minimization decisions, families can thrive because they can have less anxiety and worry about their retirement.  

Whether you’re preparing to retire or already retired, my purpose is to cut through the chaos and to create clarity and confidence for you and your family now and throughout your retirement years. I do this through the Retirement Transition Blueprint.