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Maximize Your Assets

Retirement Income Planning

Our comprehensive retirement income planning ensures that you get the most out of all your assets so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

Your personalized Retirement Transition Blueprint coordinates, manages, and optimizes all your sources of retirement income.

Retirement income planning is a complex process that should start well before retirement. It even continues after the retiree’s death to pass along their hard-earned assets to their loved ones.

Included in our retirement income planning services is the ongoing oversight and management of your investments.

retirement income planning
Get Clarity & peace of Mind

We Simplify Retirement Income Planning

Here are just a few questions we help you answer with our retirement income planning:

retirement income planning
  • Will I have enough money to retire?
  • How do I turn my assets into income?
  • When can I retire?
  • Can I retire early?
  • When should I begin claiming my Social Security benefits?
  • If married, divorced or widowed, how does this impact my Social Security claiming options?
  • What if I keep working after I start claiming Social Security?
  • When should I begin claiming my pension benefits?
  • What payment option should I elect?
  • Which investments should I draw from first and why?
  • How much can I draw from my investments?
  • How do I protect my assets from down markets?
  • How should my various accounts be allocated and invested?
  • How do I plan for minimum required distributions?
  • What are the rules for inherited investments?
  • How can I position my different kinds of investments to plan for incapacity or legacy planning?
  • How do I monitor all of these moving parts as I age?
  • How do I structure my investments to easily pass to my loved ones?
Our retirement income planning makes answering these questions easy and helps you maximize your income during retirement.

Why Retirement Income Planning is Crucial

For many retirees, one of their greatest fears is running out of money during retirement.

Our goal is to optimize all your assets to give you sustainable income throughout your retirement, no matter how long you live.

Your retirement income sustainability is affected by many variables. These include age, income, savings, contributions, withdrawals, and potential investment returns.

One of the greatest risks to your long-term retirement income is longevity. The life expectancy in the U.S. has been steadily rising since the 1920s. We’re living longer and spending more time in retirement.

If you’re financially prepared, this is great news! But without comprehensive and skillful retirement income planning, the risk of outliving your assets is real.

Simply saving for the future is not enough to secure your long-term retirement income. You need an effective retirement income planning strategy to manage changes throughout your retirement.

retirement income planning

You Need Three Plans & a Job for Every Dollar

To prepare for the transition into retirement, it's crucial to have not one, but three comprehensive plans in place. These include:

1. Income plan
2. Investment plan
3. Tax plan

First and foremost is an income plan. The assets you’ve accumulated for retirement can be converted into income streams.

However, what’s often overlooked is the need to give every dollar a job.

In your earning years, the job of your 401(k) was to grow. As you get closer to retirement, that same 401(k) has seven jobs: protection, income, fun, growth, extended healthcare, legacy, and taxes. (See this podcast for details.)

We use the “three-bucket strategy” with our retirement income planning. This means that you need to divide your retirement dollars into three buckets:

retirement planning services

1. The "Now Bucket"

This is liquid and safe money you can access whenever you need it, compared to selling an investment at a loss when the market is down. Money that arrives each month, such as Social Security or a pension, is also assigned to this bucket.

2. The "Soon Bucket"

This is money to be used within the next ten years. This money can be used to create reliable income and is more conservatively positioned. Its purpose is to reduce the sequence of return risk and reduce exposure to market volatility.

3. The "Later Bucket"

This is money to be used ten years or more from now. The purpose of this money is long-term growth, extended health-care money, and legacy planning.
This three-bucket approach gives every dollar a purpose, optimizes all your assets, and maximizes your retirement income.

Secure Your Retirement Dream with Sustainable Long-Term Income

We craft a personalized retirement income planning strategy for you—your Retirement Transition Blueprint. Your plan is designed to give you a reliable source of income throughout your lifetime.

We offer a comprehensive suite of retirement planning services and investment strategies.

Since we are independent advisors, we have no Big Brother telling us what to show or sell to clients. We have no quotas. We have a fiduciary responsibility to give our clients the best recommendations for their unique situation.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the initial retirement income planning phase. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support throughout your retirement journey.