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Prepare to Retire

8 Essential Steps to Preparing for the Retirement Jump

Carl Woolston discusses eight critical steps to help you prepare for the retirement jump. He emphasizes financial security, peace of mind, and ensuring you retire to something, not just from something.

Give Every Asset A Job

Highlights the importance of giving every asset a specific job in retirement planning, moving beyond the single-minded goal of asset growth. Discusses the seven crucial jobs for retirement assets, emphasizing that a well-thought-out approach can ensure financial security, a fulfilling lifestyle, and peace of mind during retirement.

3 Common Pre-Retirement Mistakes

Explore three common pre-retirement mistakes that can significantly impact your financial future. The transition to retirement can be filled with uncertainty, worry, and complexity. Making mistakes in the process can lead to running out of money, excessive tax payments, and market losses.

Medicare Q&A – with Andrea Dover, CPA

What are your Medicare options? When should you sign up? Do you need to sign up? What’s the difference between Medicare Part A, B, C, and D? How much does Medicare cost, and how does it work? My guest Andrea Dover, CPA, lends her Medicare expertise to the podcast.