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3 Common Pre-Retirement Mistakes

In this episode of the Thrive Retirement Planning Podcast we explore three crucial pre-retirement mistakes that can significantly impact your financial future. The transition to retirement can be filled with uncertainty, worry,  and complexity.  Making mistakes in the process can lead to running out of money, excessive tax payments, and market losses. Discover how to minimize these risks and secure your retirement.

This article summarizes much of the discussion. Listen to the audio for the complete show.


  • Having assets like a 401(k) or real estate isn’t enough; you need a detailed retirement plan.
  • A plan should cover income, investments, minimizing taxes, healthcare, and discretionary spending for the early retirement years.
  • Failing to plan often leads to fear of running out of money, causing unnecessary financial stress.
  • Do you have a plan? Do you understand it? How much confidence does this plan give you?


  • Waiting too long to create and implement a retirement plan is a common mistake.
  • Time is your ally in retirement planning; procrastination limits your options.
  • Preparing a retirement transition blueprint can help you retire on your terms, even if circumstances change.


  • Retirement decisions are significant, requiring specialized expertise.
  • Consider working with a retirement planning specialist who understands the intricacies of pre-retirement and post-retirement planning.
  • Specialists can help with income replacement, investment strategies, tax planning, and more, tailored to your unique situation.


To ensure a smooth transition into retirement, take action now:

1. Develop a comprehensive retirement plan that covers income, expenses, and financial goals.

2. Don’t procrastinate; start planning early to maximize your retirement options.

3. Seek out a retirement planning specialist to guide you through this critical life transition.

Remember, your retirement should be a time to enjoy your freedom and health, not a source of stress and uncertainty. Plan wisely and retire with confidence. For personalized assistance, visit to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation. Your financial peace of mind is worth it.