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The Formula for Thriving During Retirement

There are three keys to thriving during retirement. Young people are remarkably good at looking into the future. But, many who approach retirement fall into the trap of looking back instead of forward. Our greater future is created when we focus on the future more than the past.

VPS (Vision + Planning + System) = Thriving

Key #1 – Vision
Understand where you are now (the current you) and look forward ten years into the future (the future you). What do you want life to be like? Who do you want to become? A key part of retirement planning is getting crystal clear on your retirement vision. Put this vision through three specific filters: 1) family, 2) finance, and 3) fulfillment.

Key #2 – What’s Your Plan?
What’s your plan to achieve your goals and vision with your family, finances, and fulfillment? There are eight key areas to consider: 1) income planning, 2) protection planning, 3) growth planning, 4) tax planning, 5) health care planning, 6) estate planning, 7) family and legacy planning, and 8) fulfillment planning.

Key #3 – What System Will You Use?
What system will you use to help your vision become a reality? Our system is called the Thrive By Design Retirement System™.